PQA Teams Up With LifeSize to Link its Offices Via Video

By kpringle • August 11th, 2010

In July 2010, PQA joined the videoconferencing revolution. buy generic levitra online The firm’s LifeSize high definition videoconferencing system will enable the attorneys and staff in PQA’s Belmar, Morristown and Trenton offices to better communicate and collaborate with each other, and with the firm’s clients. The system will make it easier to arrange meetings and cut down on travel time and costs for both the firm and its clients, all while reducing the firm’s carbon footprint.

The Belmar office has installed the LifeSize HD Team system, which enables simultaneous video participation from four locations. The other offices are equipped with the LifeSize Express product. The system’s dual-screen capabilities enable documents and other media to be broadcast and displayed alongside the teleconferencing screen, making it easier for the firm’s lawyers and clients to collaborate from a distance.

In addition to enable real-time PQA is using the LifeSize VideoCenter appliance to stream live video presentations, updates and training sessions to its staff, clients and invited guests. The VideoCenter also enables presentations to be easily archived, so they can be accessed from the firm’s secure video library.

PQA purchased its LifeSize system through eTribeca, LLC.

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